Structures, Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity

The structural research group at IIT Kharagpur explores a diverse range of topics with a variety of approaches. Specific areas of research in the broad area of applied and computational mechanics include composite and smart structures, nano-structures, fracture mechanics, isogeometric analysis (IGA), fluid-structure interaction, Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), uncertainty quantification, guided wave propagation. The group has also worked on developing stochastic and deterministic mathematical models coupled with optimization techniques for variety of aerospace structures. The models have been extensively used for static, dynamic, and stability analysis of composite and sandwich structures. Considerable research efforts are directed in the area of structural health monitoring using linear and non-linear guided wave, electro-mechanical impedance, and other techniques.

The department also houses a state-of- art structures laboratory for curricular and research activities. The laboratory is equipped with all the essential testing facility in addition of specialized experimental facilities. The curricular and testing equipment includes an INSTRON universal testing machine, a vibration shake table, a photoelastic bench, torsion testing machine, hardness tester and impact test set-up. Additionally, there are several experimental set-up developed in-house for the undergraduate and post-graduate experimental courses, namely, set-up to determine the shear center and principle axes of beams, vibration fundamental trainer, ring bending set-up, column buckling experimental set-up and others. A structural health monitoring experimental facility has also been developed for generation and sensing of guided wave propagation, electrical impedance measurement. The laboratory also provides excellent facility for performing experimental vibration analysis.


Vibration Fundamentals Training System
The Vibration Fundamentals Training System is a turn key integerated educational package for teaching/learning the fundamental principles of mechanical vibration as well as engineering mechanics.

Shake Table
ETS Solutions Shaker Systems applies basic shaker theory to its shaker components. Additional components combine to meet the specific performance specifications in shaker testing.

Photo Elasticity
This Equipment to carry out practical exercises about photoelasticity for 2 or 3 users illustrates the photoelasticity theory, as well as the elasticity theory, strength of material and structure theory.

Virtual Work
Virtual work and the associated calculus of variations were formulated to analyze systems of rigid bodies,but they have also been developed for the study of the mechanics of deformable bodies.

Shear Centre of the Cross section
Equipment is for determination of Shear Centre of the Cross section.

Pin Jointed FrameWorks
1.To allow the study of strains within various true pin jointed frameworks
2.To allow the study of stresses within various true pin jointed frameworks
3.To arrange a variety of frameworks including roof trusses, warren girder
4.Introducing students to strain gauging technology
5.Comparison of different frameworks
6.Comparison of actual and theoretical resultss.

Forces in a Truss
1.To measure the axial strain and hence force in each member of a pin-jointed truss for comparison with calculated theoretical values
2.To compare experimental results with the member forces calculated by resolution of the forces at joints
3.Measure strains exerted on each truss member
4.To view compressive and tensile forces/strains.

INSTRON 1342 servo hydraulic material testing machine has static loading capacity of 0 to 250 KN with wide range of loading rates, has dynamic loading capacity of 0 to + 250 KN with a fequency upto 15 HZ and amplitude accurately controlled. The data acquisition system is incorporated in a HP-310 computer. The attachments include tesion grip, compression grip, compression platen and 3-point bending measurement. Some industrial consultancy works are udertaken.

Vibration Test Facilities
Different types of vibration shakers along with power amplifiers, oscillators, wide range of accelerometers with charge amplifiers are availabe for vibration tests. The measuring instruments include spectral analyzer, vibration meters, frequency filters, oscilloscopes, millivoltmeters and level recorder.

Photoelastic Bench
The Photoelastic bench consists of 060-series transmission polariscope and 030-series reflection polariscope having entire range of attachments to the system. Various types of stress analysis problems for class-room purpose and for research work are being carried out.